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Our pricing is posted in its entirety on our website. No haggling. No hidden fees. No pushy salesmen. No wondering if your neighbor got a better deal or if you actually needed to pay for those "extras."

Transparent About Pricing

Pricing plan

HepaVac Signature Duct Cleaning
For a firm price on our duct cleaning service, count all the vents and returns in your home. If there are 15 openings or fewer, the price is $450.+tax. For vents, 16+ add $22 for each opening after.

That's it. There are no other fees or charges unless your home has multiple furnaces.

To estimate your number of vent openings, figure one duct opening per every hundred square feet of home. (so a 2,000 sq ft home has approximately 20 duct openings)

Pricing by the number of openings is guaranteed to be accurate unless the scope of work changes (Ex: multiple furnaces or adding a dryer vent). It covers cleaning your entire HVAC System- scrubbing every inch of ductwork in your home, including all ducts, trunks, and cleaning and inspecting your furnace. We take pictures and videos and share them with you. We also run HEPA Air Scrubbers that clean the air in your home while we clean the ducts. Most appointments take at least 3 hours.
$450 First 15 Openings
$22 Each Additional Opening
Prices By Number Of Openings
Air Exchanger cleaning $99
If your home or apartment has multiple furnaces, additional charges apply. $200 for each supplemental furnace/air handler
Ask about our neighbor discounts for homes and apartments/condos!
K-12 Teachers and support staff receive 10% off on our services, let us know when booking and show your ID badge when paying.
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Save $100 by having us clean your dryer vent on same day as your duct cleaning.
$99 /With Duct Cleaning
$199 Stand alone charge
Additional charges may apply for rooftop terminals
Regular dryer maintenance can prevent house fires
Regular maintenance can improve appliance performance
Home Air Purification System
Two powerful 16" ultraviolet bulbs throw out  enough radiation to kill anything biological running through your ducts-dust mites, mold, virus, bacteria.
$499 /With Duct Cleaning
$599 Stand alone charge
5 year warranty on unit
We register product for you and take care of any repair issues
Great option in homes with dust mite allergy sufferers
Minnesota-Based Manufacturer
It's A Honor

We Are So Appreciative Of This Award

Thank you to the Star Tribune Readers who have voted us the 2022 best duct cleaning company in Minnesota. This award continues to motivate us to do our best to provide the best duct cleaning services to our customers.

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If you have any concerns at all after we leave-just contact us and we will take care of it for you. We guarantee all of the work we do for 90 days.

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Your doctor can do it, so can we. We use appointment times and communicate with you if we are running behind schedule.

Our process scrubs the air in your home while we clean the ducts

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