Household Indoor Air Quality

Now that we've cleaned your entire HVAC system, let's talk about simple steps you can take to maintain a lower airborne particle count in your home.
Vacuums can redistribute dust throughout your home

Clean the components of your vacuum and replace or clean the filters.  Yes-even if you have a Dyson you need to do this.  The filter cleans the air before it exhausts out of the vacuum. If this filter is dirty or clogged, a large amount of dust can just "blow by" the filter, so you are essentially just redistributing the dust from the floor to the air to your sinuses.

Check out youtube for tips on how to clean your specific vacuum model.

Carpets are often the largest air filtration system in your home. They catch and hold onto airborne dust. Have you ever noticed a black line along the wall of a white or lighter carpet? This is called soil filtration and is a perfect example of how carpet filters your air.

Soil Filtration on carpet is a great visualization of how carpets catch and hold onto airborne dust and dirt

If your home has lots of carpet it is vital to your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to vacuum regularly with a well-maintained vacuum. If you haven’t had your carpets cleaned in a while (more than 1-2 years), consider hiring a hot water extraction cleaning company. HepaVac recommends you consider hiring our friends at the Commercial Steam Team, out of Burnsville for carpet cleaning. No matter who you hire, make sure it is a hot water extraction company.

And carpet cleaners don't tell you this, but the more thoroughly you vacuum before a carpet cleaning, the cleaner they can get your carpets. Their equipment is designed to wash the fibers, not necessarily lift the debris out. The more debris you get out of the carpet for them, the better they are able to wash the fibers and remove allergens.

It is a popular myth that household dust is mostly dead skin cells. The truth is a majority of household dust is just dirt brought in from outside on our shoes and clothes, or through a window.

Removing shoes at the door or having a pair of "house shoes" can make a huge difference.

Brush your pets frequently. They will appreciate it, and so will your allergy symptoms. You will also be surprised by how effective wiping your dog down with a damp rag can be at reducing airborne dander. And if your furry buddy has allergies it can offer them relief from their symptoms (as well as yours) by wiping off that pollen and dirt from their fur.

If you are planning on performing a household task that will kick up lots of dust, consider turning off your furnace and making a box-fan purifier.

Tape a 20x20 furnace filter to a box fan for a cheap and effective air cleaner when doing household chores

Shutting off the furnace will prevent the dust that you are kicking up during your task from being spread throughout your HVAC system, and potentially your entire home.

Most households have a box fan or two. If you tape a 20"x20" furnace filter to the back side of a box fan it can become a very effective air cleaner. *Box fan motors are not designed to handle the extra load from pulling air through the filter (they can overheat) so you should only use this as a short term supplement, not a long term, every day household air purifier.

Quick Summary For the Skimmers:

1) Carpets are a massive air filter.  If you keep that filter clean it is much more effective at keeping your air clean.

2) Clean and check your vacuum filters regularly. This is very important so dust doesn't get redistributed from floor to air to your sinuses.

3) Brush your dogs regularly, you can even give them a quick wipe-down with a damp rag to cut down on dirt and pollen being brought inside on their coat. This helps alleviate their allergies, as well as yours.

4) If you're doing any household projects that will be kicking up dust, shut off your HVAC system first. You can also tape an air filter to a box fan to help collect the dust. It is a surprisingly effective air cleaner.

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